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Discover & Order the food you love.

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Millions of people around the world ask the same question everyday “What will I eat today?” and we make answering this question as simple as a click of a button!
Browse over 6000+ restaurants and thousands of visualized dishes in Egypt to discover & order the food you love. Whether you’re looking for delivery or dine-out restaurants, discover food by the dish you’re craving with specially curated food photos to visualize your next meal.


What can you do with elmenus app:
  • Discover & order the food you love in a click of button, with the option to customize your order and pay with your credit card or cash.
  • Craving a specific dish? Discover all restaurants serving this dish in your area whether you're looking for delivery or dine out.
  • Browse over 6,000 restaurants’ menus, scanned menus, reviews, map locations and call the restaurant directly from the app
  • Share and browse tasty food photos shared by the community in our Foodie Feed, don’t forget to “Yum” the ones you like!
  • Use the nearby feature to check out the best restaurants around your location.
  • Save your favorite restaurants


Amir Allam - Founder/CEO at elmenus
Amir Allam - Founder/CEO at elmenus